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A word about words.

  When I ask parents about what words their toddlers use, I often get an underestimate of the number and kind of words in their child’s vocabulary. It seems that many parents judge the amount of words in their kids’ expressive vocabulary by the clarity or preciseness of the word or how much/little it resembles […]

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4-5 y

A few facts about Autism Spectrum Disorder

In appreciation of Autism Awareness Day, here is some information about the disorder. There’s a lot more to know, but these are some basics for those not too familiar with it. The word “autism” is derived from the Greek word “autos” which means “self,” or “of the self” The official diagnosis is Autism Spectrum Disorder […]

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Literacy Development

Literacy Development 0-2 y Enjoys reading with caregiver Learns to hold books right-side up and turn pages in the correct direction Points to pictures in response to questions about them Can tell the difference between print and pictures Learns to hold a large crayon, marker, or chalk and scribble 2-5 y Understands that a story […]

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